2018-2019 Sabbat Planner & Journal

As someone who struggled to get into the festive spirit of the sabbats on the wheel of the year, I wanted to create a planning system that I could use that would help me get motivated and get clear on my intentions and the goals I would set for the coming season. I created the Sabbat Planner & Journal for myself, but quickly realised that this is something that others would find beneficial too. I’m so excited to bring this to the shop, you can see more of the planner in the video below, and purchase your digital copy here.

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Dealing with Death
A Guide from Personal Experience

I am no stranger to death. My first memory of it was at the age of six, when I attended my aunty’s funeral. It is mid-March as I write this I mourn the death of my beloved kitty. This year alone I have lost my familiar, an uncle, an aunty, and no less than 5 other people in my community.

This FREE guide was written from both my heart and my personal experience. Dealing with death is a horrible thing that we all have to do at some point in life, and it is never easy.

I hope that my words offer comfort in your time of grief.

Dedicated to my Belle.

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