Please be patient & read all..

Dear friends,
Due to the current health concerns regarding the virus, I am no longer able to work from my therapy room for face-to-face clients. Therefore I am taking some time to reevaluate how I connect with clients, and have decided to take all my sessions online. However, I would also like to offer courses, workshops and live webinars, and therefore I have placed this site in maintenance mode for the foreseeable future in order to update the contents.

In the meantime, you are still able to purchase journalling tools, stickers and more at Persephone’s Boutique. The boutique is brand new and once there you can sign up for the loyalty scheme where you can collect point on purchases, referrals, etc. We offer t-shirts, sweaters, wall art, phone cases, mugs, and so much more, and we are growing and expanding every day. Take a look at the promo video for our t-shirts.

Mailing List *important – please read*
The mailing list you have previously joined on this website is changing. From now on, those on the old list are merging with subscribers from the Persephone’s Boutique list, meaning you will ONLY be receiving updates about the boutique, freebies, discount codes, etc. Previously, the old list covered everything, but I have now decided to separate the two as the boutique continues to grow.

I have sent out an email to that entire list explaining this (please check your junk/spam folder if you did not receive it). People on the previous list will have the option to unsubscribe if they do not want to receive any information about the boutique and store items. Those on the previous list who have not opened at least 1 of the last 5 emails sent out will be automatically deleted from the list.

Those on the old list who were currently subscribed, interested in Astrology, Spirituality and Paganism, and have opened at least 1 email out of the last 5 sent have been imported over to the new list. If you are unsure whether you have been imported or not, please check your email (or junk/spam folder) as I have sent everyone an update email. If you did not receive this email but would like to be on the list for my upcoming astrology, spirituality and paganism courses, etc. please join the list below immediately so that you don’t miss out on any updates coming soon.

Below is the NEW list. Please sign up to this list if you are interested in my upcoming course, workshops and live webinars about Astrology, Spirituality and Paganism.