About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality meaning ‘universal life force energy’, which allows the experienced healer to act as a conduit for universal healing energy to flow through, and enter into the body of the recipient.

A Reiki healer must be ‘attuned’ to the Reiki energy by a Reiki Master in order to use reiki to its full potential. Once attuned, the Reiki practitioner uses his or her hands to ‘give’ reiki to the recipient, or to themselves, by placing the hands on or over the body.

Reiki is fast becoming a well established method of non-invasive alternative therapy healing widely used by the NHS to counter side effects of chemo and radiotherapy. It is not only used to compliment conventional treatments for physical aliments, but can also be used for psychotherapy and to help ease the mind and soul.

One does not need to be sick in order to have a Reiki treatment. Reiki can be thought of as not only a healing modality, but as a pampering session too. In the same way that we bathe and exfoliate to cleanse our physical bodies of visual dirt and grime, we can use Reiki to cleanse our aura and energy field.

There are absolutely no risks involved when getting a Reiki treatment. Reiki is safe for those who are unwell, in pain or pregnant, and is a great way to help hyperactive children to relax.

My Reiki treatments are conducted in my home or long distance via ‘distant Reiki’. I am a fully insured Reiki Master and Teacher.