About Me

Psychological Astrologer, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master and undercover Chaote. INFP. Badass Slytherin.

I was born and raised in London by a Thai mother and Italian father. I was an incredibly sensitive and intuitive child who was creative, artistic and reserved. I grew up doing Thai classical dancing and enjoyed singing and making things with my hands.

I discovered astrology before I hit double digits, when some older children helped me work out my sun sign and proceeded to read me some of my Virgoan qualities according to their basic horoscopes book. I found the subject fascinating, and spent the next few years devouring many books on astrology before discovering my passion in psychological astrology.

When my papa died I left the schooling system before taking my exams, but continued with my astrology studies. Not realising how astrology could fit into serious work life, I stumbled through my late teens and early twenties doing various jobs such as waitressing, modelling, singing, web design, fashion design, dressmaking, and even trained as a driving instructor. Eventually my heart caught up to my brain (or vice versa?) and astrology found a way of showing me how much I needed it.

I am interested in all fields of psychology, especially transpersonal and happiness, but I also have interests in painting with acrylics and watercolours, paper crafting, photography (I also run a headshot business), and making videos for my YouTube channel.

I am a Hellenic polytheist pagan, raised in a Buddhist and Roman Catholic household with a much older half sibling (and a middle sibling living in America). I am married and we have one daughter whom I home educate and we share our adventures on our blog, Mother & Maiden.

I am an introvert, preferring to spend time alone, with my daughter and husband, or with a few close friends. However, I have strong Jupiterian/9th House influences, so I’m quite the wanderer, always wanting to escape and explore the world on my own and being terrified of the idea of long-term commitment (hence still using my maiden name for work!).

Qualification & Certifications

Diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching (Distinction – 2018, COE)
Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology (Distinction – 2018, COE)
Diploma in Grief & Bereavement Counselling (Distinction – 2018, COE)

Reiki 1, 2, & Master (Usui System – 2017, Reiki Academy London)
ReikiScience™ Practitioner (1st Gen – 2018, Reiki Academy London)

I am currently studying for qualifications in Pet Bereavement Counselling, Neuropsychology, Mindfulness Based CBT, Anatomy & Physiology and Art Therapy.

It is important that all potential clients read over my ethics & policies before making any purchases to work with me.