Mercury is Always Retrograde

Mercury is Always Retrograde

Let me tell you about my week. After getting inundated with a massive flux of orders and handling it overwhelmingly badly, I thought I finally had a few days of calm to look forward to. Alas, that would have been too easy. Instead, after spending £100 on groceries, I found everything had gone off in the morning because the fridge-freezer broke. The landlord is trying to order a new one, but the only one that can be delivered quickly is out of stock, so I have to wait, fridge and freezer-less, for up to one week. He offered me a small one for now, but I turned him down, as I really can’t handle any more disruptions and people coming into my home while I have businesses to run and a child to educate. Mummy’s cooking and fine dining it is for the next week then!

To take my mind off of all of this, I decided to design a few new t-shirts. But then my printer went the way of the fridge-freezer and just like that, his life too was over. It had been acting up for a couple of weeks, but today it very literally died. No big deal, good printers are not too expensive these days, and I have loads of Argos’ and Curry’s stores near me, since I live just round the corner from Westfield. But oh no, it was never going to be that simple, was it? The only HP ENVY I had my heart set on was in Hayes. A half an hour drive away, no problem. Only.. to get to Hayes my sat nav took me through Southall, not taking into account today was freaking Diwali!!!!! *angry face emoji* What should have been a 30 minute drive took longer than an hour! I was stuck in the car with a very patient 8 year old, 1 mile from Curry’s, watching men in turbans and ladies dolled up in colourful saris stroll in and out of the various halls and temples, moving faster than the bloody traffic.

Why is this relevant to Mercury retrograde, you ask? Mercury is direct, you say. Yes it fucking is. This is just one example of the curse of the child of Mercury retrograde. This is basically my life. Blowing up computers, glitchy technology, plane train ship delays, mis-spelled names on passports and important documents, packages going missing.. all the typical Mercury retrograde stuff.. that is the life of someone born under the influence of Mercury retrograde*. Sure, I’ve had the odd hiccup during actual Mercury retrograde phases, like getting on the wrong train, but those only happen when I’m with someone else, so really it’s their miscommunication dragging me into that mess. Usually for me, Mercury retrograde is a time of peace and easy flow. Am I the only one waiting for December?

*depending on the house & aspect it is affecting.

P.S. The roller thing on our Dyson vacuum cleaner also stopped working this week. Typical.