Video Catch Up

This year I found my mojo in front of some newly purchased lights and got my content on over on my channel for the first time in a long time. I’ve actually been sticking to a nice upload routine and have even dabbled in live streaming! The first live stream I did last week went amazingly well; I gave distant Reiki to the live viewers and it was a big hit. I’m going to be posting some of the feedback I got my Praise page soon, and I’m definitely going to be doing it again as soon as I test out streaming via my iPhone, as the visuals from my Mac’s webcam was terrible.

Here are some of my latest uploads over on my channel.


Advice for Beginner Astrologers

It’s been decades since I first got into astrology, which sounds crazy as I’m only in my 30’s, but it was an early interest of mine which continued to intrigue me well into adulthood. I remember the first time my older friend got her planner out and asked me when my birthday was. After a few moments she announced that I was a Virgo, and proceeded to list a few virgoan qualities which seemed to fit my characteristics. I was curious, so one day during my weekly school trips to the library, I sneaked off and asked the librarian for books about ‘horoscopes’ – the only word I new which described astrology and the signs of the zodiac. When I got home I asked my mother to take me to the library again so that I could check out some of these books, and that’s where my journey began. I wasn’t even 10 years old.

By the time I was a teenager I was already well versed in the basics; my year 5 school teacher had introduced me to astronomy which helped fuel the desire to learn more about the planets, and linked into my research about the signs of the zodiac, the houses, and I had gotten my chart analysed for about £15 using an online program. I started noticing patterns in my own life in regards to my friends; as a child I had a lot of female Aquarian friends, but as I got older we grew apart and most of my friends were water signs, usually with a dash of fire.

It can be daunting to dive into astrology as an adult, fully aware that you want to immerse yourself in this wonderful world and learn the language of the stars. I sort of wandered into it not really knowing where it would lead me, simply wanting to explore this extension of psychology and learn more about myself. So I’ve put together some tips and advice on how to get started and not get overwhelmed by the vast amount of books and online resources available.

  1. Start with yourself. Most astrologers I know got into astrology because they wanted to learn more about themselves. This will also prove to you that astrology works and remove any doubts in your mind. Get your psychological report done at (it’s written by psychological astrologer/Jungian analyst/author Liz Greene). It’s worth every penny.
  2. Start with learning the meanings of the planets and the signs of the zodiac. The order in which you’ll learn these will depend on how far you want to take your studies. If you simply want to learn about Sun Signs, then learn the meanings of each sign first, and you’ll be off to a good start. You can learn the other stuff later. However, if you’re positive you want to be able to read a chart, start with learning the meanings of the planets. The planets represent parts of one’s personality (ie. Mercury the mind, Venus the desires, etc.), and the signs of the zodiac represent the energy one is working with in each part of the personality.
  3. Learn the mythology associated with each of the planets. The names Venus, Mars and Jupiter may sound like planets to you, but they were names of Roman gods (with Greek equivalents) long before the planets were discovered and/or named. After years of observing the movements of planets and their impact on Earth, they were given these names because they relate well to the archetypes of these ancient gods. Never underestimate the relationship the planets have to their names, you can learn a lot from them.
  4. Know your astronomy. I’m working on a free booklet on astronomy for astrologers, but in the mean time be sure you know how things work up there. Know the difference between the tropical and sidereal systems, where the zodiac belt is, which planets are visible from Earth and when the others were discovered and by whom. This may sound irrelevant to an astrologer but trust me, once you start talking about astrology, people have a lot of questions, like why their sky app says Neptune is in Aquarius but you’re telling them it’s in Pisces!
  5. Read the basic books, don’t just rely on online resources. The online world is amazing, but astrology is one of those subjects which will require you to go over the basics again and again. The information won’t stick first time round, there is just too much to learn. Having some good introductory books that will help you learn the aspects and properties of the elements and vibrational modalities is key. I have a couple of beat up dog eared basics books which still I open up from time to time.
  6. Another tip for book study. Forget the hefty 4 inch thick book about Pluto. If you’re not already beyond intermediate level or a practicing consultant, no one has time to spend 3 weeks reading about one planet. By all means, keep the books on individual planets on your wish list, but start with good all-rounder books that talk about all of the planets. The same goes for the houses, and I highly recommend Howard Sasportas’ book The Twelve Houses which I find accessible even for the beginner. The one exception I would make would be a book on the ascendant, as you won’t find much information about it in a book about planets, even though the ascendant is just as important as the Sun or Moon (in my opinion).
  7. Learn the lingo. What does it mean when a planet is ‘in’ a sign? What is Mars trine Venus or Moon square Sun? What is a double Scorpio? What is Saturn on the ascendant? How can Mercury be conjunct itself? Once you’ve got a grasp of how the basics of astrology work, you should learn the terminology as soon as possible if you want to advance and join in online discussions, attend seminars or read more intermediate books.
  8. Houses are important, and so is the ascendant sign. Know your birth time. I can’t stress how important this is! I know for some people it’s impossible to get an accurate birth time, especially if you are in places like England where the birth time is not recorded on the birth certificate. However, with a rough window, one can work out an approximate birth time. My mother says she was born ‘around dusk’ in February. This gives me 3 possible rising signs; Leo, Virgo and Libra. I know my mother, and I know signs can be hereditary, so looking through her life experiences and studying my own chart I’m pretty sure she has Virgo rising. This also puts Mars in her 9th house, which makes sense as she is originally from Thailand and moved to the UK in her 30’s.
  9. Use your family’s birth charts to kick start your study. You already know them, so you’ll see how everything works in astrology if you are able to gain access to the charts of people you know well. Don’t bother with celebrity charts when starting out, unless you actually know them personally (perhaps if you’re a huge fan and feel you know them pretty well this is okay). I do my studies primarily with my own, my daughter’s and my 2 best friends’ charts, because I know I have accurate birth times for them. Of course, it’s best to get permission for two reasons. Firstly, a birth chart is like someone’s soul, you are opening it up and dissecting it, and it’s extremely unethical to do so without the person’s consent. Secondly, if the person is aware that you’re using their chart for your own studies you are able to ask them questions and link their answers to an aspect, a transit, or a planet in a sign. This is one of the best ways of learning something new. How do you think astrologers get the information they write in their books?
  10. And lastly, of course is to enjoy yourself. No, I’m kidding. I’m not going to cheat you out of a tip. My last tip is to go for a consultation session with an astrologer you trust and admire. This isn’t a sales pitch; yes I do offer astrology consultations, but you need to find an astrologer whose style and ethics you can get down with. If that’s me, go ahead and use the booking form on the sidebar to schedule our first session, but if not, take a look online or in your country’s new age magazines to find the right astrologer for you. When you get a consultation you get a glimpse into what exactly a working astrologer does. What they look for, what is important, what is irrelevant (nothing is, really). This helps tremendously in understanding what modern astrology is used for and how it can be used as a self-development tool. I can’t speak for all astrologers, but I am happy to discuss how I analyse a birth chart with a client if they want to know.

I hope these 10 tips will be useful to you as a new student of astrology. Don’t forget I’ve started to post new astrology videos on my channel now.


There are those who think Sun Sign horoscopes are complete and utter nonsense; “how can you group everyone in the world into 12 categories and tell them what is going to happen to all the people in each group!?” And then you get those who won’t leave the house without checking their horoscope app or newspaper column to make sure they aren’t going to get hit by a bus today or that their other half isn’t going to dump them. I’m here to tell you that they’ve both gotten the wrong end of the stick.

The Sun Sign horoscopes you read at the back of a magazine do have some weight to them, and, believe it or not, are calculated using a system that actually makes sense – just not for your Sun Sign*! This is quite a confusing statement; why are they called Sun Sign horoscopes when you don’t look them up for your Sun Sign? The average person has heard of the 12 signs of the zodiac, many can name at least 8 of them, and most know their own Sun Sign. So much emphasis has been placed on the Sun Sign that it has become the main focus of astrology for everyone but those who are serious about astrology. Very few people have heard of a Moon Sign or an Ascendant, or are aware that the other planets in our solar system play a part in our personal natal charts, so Sun Sign horoscopes have become increasingly popular.

When calculating Sun Sign horoscopes, most astrologers place the Sun in the first house of the 12 house chart system. There is only a 1 in 12 chance of one having a 1st house natal Sun, and even then, unless one was born right along the equator line at or just after sunrise with a new sign at 0 degrees of the horizon, the horoscope will be inaccurate. I say this because if we are using the placidus chart system, where the latitude and time of year of one’s birth details changes the sizes of the houses, being born any time along the equator line gives one more or less an equal house chart by default. Not only this, but the time of birth should be exactly as a new sign (the Sun Sign) is coming over the horizon, at precisely 0 degrees. This gives one an equal house chart, with the Ascendant and each subsequent sign starting at the cusp of each house and the Sun, rising with the horizon in the first house means that it and all transiting planets will be in the ‘correct’ house for prediction. With this combination, and only with this combination, one can use Sun Sign horoscopes accurately*.

You might need to read that last paragraph again! It took me a a few tries to explain it in as basic terms as I could. If you’re still not following, I invite you to watch my video on the same topic where I explain this with charts.

Most of the horoscopes you find will be calculated using the planet’s position in the houses. For example, you could have a natal 10th house Leo Sun, with Mercury transiting your 7th, making a square aspect to your Sun. The magazine horoscope will place the Sun for a Leo Sun Sign prediction in the 1st house, and transiting Mercury would then be in the 11th. The horoscope might suggest tension or miscommunication with your friends or teammates (11th house pertaining to friends and groups), but this translation has nothing to do with what Mercury is actually stirring up in your chart, because Mercury is transiting your 7th house, not your 11th; so you may indeed find there is tension and miscommunication (Mercury square Sun), but it’s with your spouse or business partner (7th house) rather than with your friends.

So now that we are armed with this information, is there anything useful we could do with it, or should we forget Sun Sign horoscopes altogether? Personally, I do not read Sun Sign horoscopes, but that’s partly to do with the fact that I could simply check out my transits and make out what’s coming up for me without the aid of another astrologer. If, like hundreds of thousands of people out there, you enjoy reading your horoscopes whether for entertainment or to get a heads up, I recommend reading the horoscope for your Ascendant sign. This is the sign that is on the cusp of your 1st house (the sign that was coming up over the eastern horizon when you were born). This way the planets will be in more or less the correct houses. Bear in mind, however, that most of us will not have equal houses or signs that begin at 0 degrees of each cusp. There will usually be quite a bit of overlap, so it’s always best to find out the exact degree of a transiting planet so that you can see what house it falls in, in your chart. Those whose Ascendant signs occupy a minority of the 1st house should also read the horoscope for the following sign. For example, I have Scorpio on the Ascendant, but two thirds of my first house is Sagittarius, so I would read the horoscopes for both Scorpio and Sagittarius.

If you’re serious about reading Sun Sign horoscopes, you could experiment with making notes for both your Ascendant and the sign following it for a few months and look back to see which has proved to be more accurate. Years ago when I was experimenting with this idea, I spent a whole year making notes for the predictions of my Sun, Moon, Ascendant and sign following the Ascendant, and the latter two proved to be more useful.

Another thing to understand when reading your horoscopes is that all they can predict is the energy that a planet transiting a house or aspecting a natal planet is bringing into your life. Astrology can suggest possibilities by analysing the energies, but it can not tell you exactly what is going to happen and remembering this is key to successfully incorporating horoscope forecasts into our daily lives.

*Provided the Sun Sign horoscope is calculated with Sun in the first house.


A Rocky Start to 2017

It’s not good guys. My best friend messaged me on the 2nd January to tell me she had smashed a plate, dropped a carton of milk and spilt icing sugar everywhere – all before the end of the first day of the year. She asked me if it was a bad omen for the year ahead. Usually I’d reassure her, but I woke up on New Year’s day with a pounding migraine which only went away after I took some painkillers over 24 hours later. We’ve decided to blame it on the gloomy Capricorn energy that the Sun is travelling through, and are hopeful about Aquarius season in a few weeks time.

But I’m determined to make this year good. I’m dismissing the rocky start and trying my best to ease back into my morning routine, which was completely neglected by the end of last year. I must admit, the migraine threw me off for the first couple of days, but slowly and surely I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’ve decided this year not to throw myself into the deep end when it comes to my morning routine, as I don’t want it to overwhelm me. I want to create new habits that are going to stick, and this takes time.

I just had a thought – everyone is so into their resolutions for the first few weeks of the new year, because of course, with the Sun in Capricorn we’ve got that Saturnian energy keeping us disciplined. Then two third of the way through January, BAM, the Sun slides into freewheeling Aquarius and the Uranian energy rebels, and resolutions go right out the window. Interesting.

This year I’ve started focussing on my health first and foremost. I’m having my lemon water, smoothie (spinach, strawberries, blueberries, banana, chia seeds & Supergreens & water), and hair supplements which contain a whole bunch of other good vitamins too. I’ve booked myself in for a new haircut on the full moon which I’m really excited about. It’ll be the first time in over 15 years that I’ve had my hair shorter than below my shoulders, but with the state of my hair at the end of last year, I really had no choice but to chop it off.

For years I had wanted to host my own Yule party, but we had never had the room in our home. Since moving we were able to rearrange a few things and I finally got to have my Yule party! Not as many people showed up as I had hoped, but it was still a lot of fun. The best bit was when Mark popped out and surprised everyone when he came back with a puppy! We had been talking about getting a puppy for some time, but I never thought we were actually going to get one any time soon. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know he is an odd looking yellow Labrador who goes by the name of Quincy. He’s 12 weeks today, which sounds crazy as we got him at 9 and a half weeks and it only feels like yesterday. He’s growing super fast, and is very easy to train considering he’s only just turned 3 months. Quincy was the runt of the litter, looking completely different to his 5 brothers and sisters who were all almost white with perfect black noses. Quincy’s nose is a little squished; it’s about an inch shorter than it should be, so his teeth don’t aline, but it’s cute because it always looks like he’s sticking out his bottom lip! Quincy (who my feline familiar, Belle, still dislikes), has his own Instagram where he (I) posts his thoughts and musings.

One of the goals I had last year which was never fulfilled was my goal to spend more time outdoors. Just walking around parks, grounding, observing nature. I live in the city so there really isn’t much nature around. But we do have a small park nearby where my daughter can play and we can walk Quincy, and I think with having Quincy this year I’ll actually get to spend some time outdoors. He gets his last set of vaccinations tomorrow, and I think it’ll be about a week before he’s allowed out, but I’m looking forward to it.

As far as business goals go, I’ve decided 2017 is the year I really set things in motion. In past years I’ve been intending to put out content on astrology; videos, blog posts, but I’ve always been to worried about what people will say or think. I suffer from imposter syndrome, but I’m not allowing it to hold me back this year. In fact, I’ve just finished my first astrology blog post and it’ll be going up in a few days time, as soon as I take some pictures for it. I have a few others planned and I’m hoping to get this website established as an astrology (as well as tarot & reiki) blog.

I’m already a third of the way through my psychological astrology course and will receive my qualification in the summer, and I’ve enrolled for my Reiki Master course in April too. I also want to get my spiritual counselling diploma this year, so I have a lot of business goals to fulfil. To help me get organised I’ve started using a business bullet journal, I talk more about it in my latest video.

Lastly, rebranding. As you may have noticed from the banner, I’ve decided to rebrand my business. After printing out some flyers to leave around London, I realised that they were too feminine with all the watercolour flowers in pastel colours, so I made the branding a little less feminine, while still keeping true to my style. I like it a lot and I think I’ll stick to this for 2017. A fresh start for a fresh new year.


Self-Love September Poems

I have chosen to share three of my very old but very special poems with you as part of Kelly-Ann Maddox’s Self-Love September. I am not going to explain any of the poems, but I will include the year and my age at the time of writing them, leaving you to gather your own thoughts on why I felt they were relevant for this month and how they relate to self love in my eyes. I hope you enjoy them.


2006, age 22

Emotions are a waste of time, they should be disallowed
Emotions cause so much pain, your judgement they will cloud
Emotions make a person numb, they make a person cry
What is the point in shedding tears when a loved one dies?
Will it bring a person back, will it make things right?
Stop your pointless crying everyday and every night!
I’ve taught my heart to listen when I tell it to be brave
I can’t comfort you whilst you cry over a grave
I took my heart out of my chest and pierced it with a spear
I burnt it in the fireplace, goodbye love and fear
I let you have a go and you ripped it all apart
I have a fully functional mind, who needs a stupid heart?
That’s why I can’t sympathise, that’s why I don’t care
You have a friend who’s dying? Oh well, how’s my hair?
Do I have a strand which is always out of place?
Does the colour I am using compliment my face?
What do you think of my new dress, hmmm do I look fat?
What about accessories, do I need a scarf or hat?

Then I walk away and behind me close the door
My heart begins to beat, can’t stop it anymore
My eyes begin to water, what is this all about?
Is the pigment in my black heart slowly running out?
I look into the mirror and I feel like such a fool
I tell myself this isn’t real, I’m heartless, I am cruel
I reach into my soul and dig out the beating brick
“Why are you going soft on me? Heart, you make me sick!”
I pierce another hole in it and I begin to see
By hurting what I need to live I’m only hurting me
I scurry all around to find some heart to fill the hole
But my heart is half gone now, and with it went some soul
I tried filling with flowers, I tried using some stone
I even tried some cookie dough, I even tried some bone
I melted down a knife that once had pierced my heart
I poured the substance, filled the hole, before it fell apart
Now sometimes I’m as cold as ice, now sometimes I feel
I’m left with half a heart of gold, and half a heart of steel


2000, age 16

As I looked out of the window, an Angel was standing there
The tears were streaming down her face, I couldn’t help but stare
I looked deep into her eyes, as she looked into mine
I tried to reassure her, I said everything would be fine
I saw her legs getting weak as she fell to the ground
I called for someone to come and help but there was no one else around
She bought her hands up to her face to wipe the tears away
This Angel was used to crying, she cried almost every day
She had so many secrets that no one ever knew
The constant continuous crying, the pain she was going through
All she wanted was happiness, just like all her friends
What did this Angel do to deserve pain that never ends?
She wished for someone special, someone to call her own
Someone who would listen, and talk to her on the phone
His arms around her holding tight, holding her so near
To tell her everything’s okay, and wipe away her tears
The Angel pulled out a necklace, one that belonged to her dad
She held it tightly in her hands and tried not to be sad
“Take me with you, papa please” the Angel said out loud
“I want to be in heaven like you, and fly high with the clouds”
The Angel stood up and the tears came back again
She looked right into my eyes and I could feel her pain
I looked a little closer, but wait how could this be?
It was a mirror not a window, and that Angel is me…


2006, age 22

I’m sorry I’m not pretty, don’t have a perfect waist
I’m sorry I’m not flawless, I’m just a disgrace
I’m sorry I’m not full bred, I’m sorry I have class
I’m sorry I have big boobs, instead of a big ass
I’m sorry I’m not beautiful, not even slightly sweet
I’m sorry I’m too fat for you even though I never eat
I’m sorry I have brown eyes, I’m sorry I’m 5’ 3”
I’m sorry I have long nails, I’m sorry that’s just me
I’m sorry I’m not perfect, I’m sorry others are
I’m sorry my best friend is my little blue sports car
I’m sorry I’m intelligent, I’m sorry I’ve got game
I’m sorry you prefer the girls who haven’t got a brain
I’m sorry that I contemplate, I’m sorry I don’t trust
I’m sorry I’m suspicious, but for me it’s a must
I’m sorry I hate small talk, to me it’s full of shit
I’m sorry you can’t fathom my reasons behind it
I’m sorry I put on a front that’s always rude to you
I’m sorry if I hurt you but you always hurt me too
I’m sorry I’m so sensitive, I’m sorry I’m so weak
I’m sorry I’ve been strong enough, I’ve surpassed my peak
I’m sorry you don’t love me, I’m sorry you must lie
I’m sorry I have noticed, I’m sorry that I cry
I’m sorry I’m not a princess, I’m a soldier can’t you see
I’m sorry for being Angel, I’m sorry for being me