Ethics & Policies


The consultations and readings you will receive from me are intended to be used as aids for self-development and personal growth. You will receive helpful advice and guidance which will allow you to look deeper into your situation in order to come to your own conclusion as of which course of action to take. I will never instruct or tell you what should be done; only you can make those choices. I will offer my support and work with you to gain clearer understanding and insight into your issues, and helping you to find the solutions to your concerns.

I am not a psychic or a medium, therefore I do not conduct readings in the hopes of giving you answers about the future, nor do I use Astrology or Tarot to contact the dead.

I ask that you clearly state the focus area for the consultation session or reading and what you hope to gain from it. Although my products do require full birth details, please do not send only this. If you do not know your birth time, with an approximate time and some information about your childhood it is possible to work out your ascendant and planetary positions. If you have no idea what time you were born, we can still work with both Astrology and Tarot.

I do not read or discuss any absent third parties as I believe this to be unethical and does not align itself with my intended use of Astrology and Tarot. The readings and consultations I give are person-centred, and focus only on the client. I am happy to discuss new ways in which you can communicate with others, but I will not draw cards for them or assess their natal chart as this is an invasion of privacy.

My Astrology consultations are just that, consultations. Readings and chart analysis can be purchased from various different websites, and I recommend Liz Greene’s Psychological Report from if that is what you are after. My sessions are for those who would like to work through issues and problems using the aid of Astrology.

A full refund will be given if you change your mind on a reading within 48 hours of purchase. As I start working on readings and chart analysis 2-3 days after purchase, I will be unable to offer a refund after 48 hours.

Client confidentiality is guaranteed.



The client understands that Reiki treatments are conducted either in my West London (W12) home or using the Distant Reiki technique.

Clients having Reiki treatments in my home should understand that they are entering a place of residence and should conduct themselves accordingly, treating my home and belongings with respect. The room and treatment couch will be prepared specifically for the client and their needs, which will be discussed via email before the date of the treatment.

The full address will be disclosed in a personal email once the client has made a booking and paid for their treatment.

Reiki healing sessions are intended to heal the mind, body and spirit. Before we begin, please let me know if there are any areas you would like me to focus on, not limiting only to physical aliments. As with any form of treatment, be it antibiotics, laser hair removal or chiropractic, a course of sessions is recommended in order to receive the full benefit of energy healing. I offer discounts for those who wish to purchase a course of treatments.

During a Reiki treatment with me, you will be asked to remove your coat and shoes, keeping the rest of your clothing on. I will ask you to lie down face upwards on the therapy couch and will place a clean blanket over you, if you would like it. Please let me know before the session starts if you would like me to either do Reiki on your legs, or on your back (in which case you will be asked half way through the session to turn over).

Please state before the session if you would prefer ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’. Hands on means I will place my hands directly on to your body (avoiding any private areas), and hands off means I will keep my hands a few inches away. Both methods are equally effective, and are the personal choice of the client. I have found from experience that keeping the hands ‘off’ the head area and ‘on’ for the rest of the body works well, as the head is quite sensitive.

My hands may get very hot over certain parts of your body, and may be cooler over other parts. This is nothing to be concerned about; Reiki energy flows through each conduit differently, and channeled through me it tends to change and adapt as and when it needs to. If the Reiki energy gets too hot, please let me know and I will move my hands further away from your body.

Distant Reiki can be done via Skype, which is what I recommend, however if you are unable to use Skype or would prefer a completely offline session, I am happy to agree on a date and time to do this also.

A full refund for both contact and distant Reiki will be given if cancelled 3 days in advance. A refund can not be given if cancelled with less than 3 days notice.



My planner stickers are all printed on white, glossy sticker paper and are die-cut using at-home machines. I use only the highest quality premium scratch-proof sticker paper which can be written on with all pen types, from fountain to ball point.

If you would like a refund, simply send your unused, undamaged and re-sellable stickers back to me using the address on the back of the envelope. The customer is responsible for covering the cost of postage. I am unable to refund the cost of postage.



Digital planners are PDF files which are instantly downloadable upon purchase. The customer is responsible for downloading the file(s) and saving them on their computer or tablet. The customer should be aware that hyperlinks used throughout the planners may only work with certain computers and operating systems, and it is the customer’s responsibility to check compatibility before download. Digital planners can be printed out and used with traditional pens, pencils, stickers, washi tape, etc. Customers must NOT redistribute, share or make available for download, any of the digital books or planners purchased on this or any other website, that were created by Persephone’s Planner for Angel Armogida.



All pre-made logos are customisable to a certain extent (please see individual listing for specific details). Custom logo designs are limited to my ability as a designer as I am not an illustrator. The client is responsible for saving and backing up their logo package once it has been received as I do not save designs once they have been completed. The client understands that pre-made logos are not unique to the client, and that the pre-made design is still available to other clients. No physical item will be dispatched, logos are sent as a .zip file via email.