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Dealing with Death – A Guide from Personal Experience

I am no stranger to death. My first memory of it was at the age of six, when I attended my aunty’s funeral. It is mid-March as I write this I mourn the death of my beloved kitty. This year alone I have lost my familiar, an uncle, an aunty, and no less than 5 other people in my community.

This guide was written from both my heart and my personal experience. Dealing with death is a horrible thing that we all have to do at some point in life, and it is never easy.

I hope that my words offer comfort in your time of grief.

Dedicated to my Belle.

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Advice for Beginner Astrologers

New to the world of astrology? Ease your way into your studies with my FREE e-guide.

Starting out with astrology can be scary – there’s just so much to learn! To go along with my free Introduction to Psychological Astrology video (or audio) course, I’ve put together a list of ten top tips which I think every astrology novice should know.

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Bereavement of Familiar Healing Journey
Starts on Beltane (1st May)

Have you lost your familiar to illness or an accident? Whether it was a week ago or a decade ago, the loss of a familiar can be one of the most heartbreaking experiences we go through. I lost my precious familiar, Belle, in February, and every day my heart aches for her. Let us come together through the spirits of our dearly departed and heal.

I have created a FREE 10 day e-mail workshop in memory of my Belle to help you come to terms with the death of your beloved pet, and understand why you were blessed with their company, what lessons they were here to teach you, and why they had to continue on their journey when they did.

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