Hello and Welcome!

The problem with having a multitude of interests and turning them into businesses is that you either need 8 separate websites, or your one website looks like a big pile of mess. The latter is this website. So this is a quick introduction and guide to help you find your way around this busy website.

My name is Angel Persephone Armogida, I’m a Witch, among many other labels which I won’t list right now, and this is my business website. I do a lot, so we’ll start at the top. (You can find out more about me here.)

Astrology – I’ve been a professional Psychological Astrologer for many years, and a student of astrology since the age of 10. I offer confidential and helpful consultation sessions to clients who want guidance with the help of their unique birth chart.

Reiki – In 2017 I became a Reiki Master and I offer both distant and at home (my home) Reiki treatments. Distant treatments can take place during a Skype call so that we can communicate during the session if we need to. I will be introducing Reiki courses online soon.

Tarot – I started learning Tarot in my early 20’s and have been reading professionally since 2014. I have slowly been phasing out my readings so that I can dedicate more time to astrology consultations where cards can also be drawn. But for now, I have a few favourite readings on offer.

Persephone’s Boutique (apparel) – After a failed fashion business venture in 2013, I thought I was done with the apparel industry. However, I have found a gap in the witchy clothing market which I have decided to fill. I currently have one item in this category for sale, a flattering loose fitting simple and sophisticated black v-neck t-shirt with a simple clean logo. I am hoping to expand into more products in the near future.

Persephone’s Planner (stickers) – I have been designing planner stickers for the Pagan community for a few years now and I am happy to say I have built up a reputation for being the go-to shop for Pagans and spiritual planners. I am constantly expanding my collection, and fresh new designs are being added monthly.

Persephone’s Design Studio (logos) – As an experienced graphic designer I felt I wanted to utilise the decades of knowledge I had acquired in Photoshop techniques and provide yet another service for my spiritual friends. I have over 50 ready-made customisable logo designs for business owners to choose from, or an affordable option to work with me to design your very own unique branding logo from scratch.