“I had my very first astrology consultation with Angel (and ever!) and I felt like I learnt so much about myself and about the way I should move forward in certain aspects of my life. She explained things in an easy way and allowed me to take notes and ask questions when needed. I will be definitely be booking again in the future. Highly recommended.” – Lauren Sketchley


“I have received Reiki from Angel in several occasions and it has always been a very relaxing and at the same time energizing experience. However, after she became a level 2 certified practitioner I could feel a change in the Reiki energy I received from her, it is definitely more intense, the strongest I ever felt (and I have had many Reiki sessions in my life). I definitely recommend her Reiki sessions!” – Jezabel Gonzales

“I loved my distant healing treatment. I am very sensitive to subtle vibrations so I was aware of when the session began. At first, the energy felt very soft and gentle but then it was amplified and felt very strong and powerfully comforting. I felt cocooned and safe. Afterwards, I fell asleep really quickly which was brilliant as I’d been suffering from insomnia. A really lovely treatment, thank you <3” – Leah Whitehorse

Free Distant Reiki Healing via YouTube Live Stream
Mystic CroneThat was wonderful.”
BrunoEdits ​”I felt much energy around my knee which was killing me. It was so healing.”
SummerStitchinWitch“I felt so much energy buzzing around my head.”
Freya Cromwell “I had energy around my stomach and it was so strong.”
Anna Wang“Thank you.. yes I also felt energy around my stomach which was aching and it soothed the pain.”


Combination Tarot & Astrology readings 2014-2016
These reviews were taking from my Etsy shop, which was previously the home for my readings. New reviews (from May 2016) can be found posted on the individual item’s page.

Asaar SheWolf
Finding Love Tarostrology Reading
“Love the combo of astrology and tarot, so cool! Thanks!”

Rachael Angelica
Finding Love Tarostrology Reading
“Such a nice reading and provided an incredible amount of insight :)”

See Faith Run
Happy Birthday Tarostrology Reading
“This was very detailed and filled with uplifting messages. There is a lot to look forward to, and I enjoyed every word. I found this type of reading to be unique since it incorporated my astrology chart along with tarot cards. Thank you so much for your insight!”

Duchess of Stratosphear
Kuan Yin Daily Draw Subscription (1 week)
“It was truly a delight to receive daily words of wisdom and guidance from the Kuan Yin Oracle for one week. Angel’s messages come in a beautifully ‘packaged’ word document which she ensures arrives in your inbox on time everyday. Her guidance helped me with matters on which I had consulted her and those which I had not. She is definitely in sync with her clients. Angel’s daily messages definitely gave me much clarity throughout the week with regards to important issues and major decision-making matters in my current life situation. I send You much Gratitude and Appreciation, Lovely Angel, for bringing much peace to my heart with your messages. I do miss receiving the daily messages. Will definitely be in your shop again soon. Many Blessings :D”

Marie Baloy
Astrology Cards Reading
“I did not have to wait long for this reading. I was surprised with the amount of information given to me. To be honest, I went with what reading was saying and advice from an angel 😉 It opened my eyes and helped me be very aware of my choices! Thanks so much!”

Duchess of Stratosphear
Child Interpreted Tarot Reading
“I was divinely guided to this blessing of a reading by Angel and Talim — Mother and Daughter Team! I was blown away by Talim’s intuitiveness in her selection of the cards she was guided to and the messages that flowed through her regarding my query as she gave me accurate guidance to my situation. This, coupled with her Mother’s — Angel’s — spot on further interpretation of the situation by which she composed the final report.

I must say, I was very much in need of a child’s perspective and these two lovely ladies are a true blessing. I am ever grateful to the both of them for the wondrous insights and guidance they provided me in their messages. They truly helped me and gave me confirmation and reassurance.

I send much Appreciation and many Blessings to both Angel and Talim.”