Spiritual Life Coaching

If you’ve found yourself at a crossroads, or uninspired and lacking in direction when it comes to your spirituality, I may be able to assist you in your soul’s journey. I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach, with a keen interest and enthusiasm in injecting the magickal and mythical into everyday life. Without a spiritual practice, I believe life to be lacking, and therefore encourage everyone, no matter what path or belief system they belong to, to carve out a daily spiritual routine and if possible, set up an altar or place of focus, to stay connected to their personal deity or source.

Whether you want to start a daily spiritual practice for the first time, spice up your increasingly stale and irrelevant one, set up an altar, make your home more magickal, connect to a new deity or make a deeper commitment to your current patron, I can hold the lantern and link arms with you as we walk down this path together, only leaving you when you are confident and happy to walk it alone.

Your faith and beliefs are important to me, and I take great care in ensuring you leave each session with a sense of empowerment and joy, no matter what beliefs you may hold. I am not here to tell you what you must do, nor will I pretend to know what is best for you; rather, I am here to shine a torch in the right direction so that together we can find out what works best for you in your spiritual practice.

I am, first and foremost, an astrologer, and therefore you have the benefit of sharing with me your natal chart for a more comprehensive and tailored course should you choose to. I am also a Pagan witch. This of course means I will be more inclined to suggest holistic therapies, working with personified deity, and connecting with the cycles of nature. If you feel this aligns itself with what you are working towards, lets get stuck in.

I give coaching sessions via Skype and I always recommend a minimum of five sessions to get you started, however you are of course welcome to purchase one session in order to get a feel for our connection as client and coach, so that you can decide whether or not I am the Spiritual Life Coach for you. We can then deduct the payment of your initial session from the course of five, if you wish to continue working with me.

A course of five one hour Skype sessions will usually mean one session per week, and will be broken down as follows:

Session one – Getting to know you: Your current spiritual beliefs, your work and personal circumstances, your goals and desires for your spiritual practice and what you would like it to look like. We will then spend some time looking at what has been preventing you from building and committing to a spiritual practice thus far, and how we can work towards removing any blockages or healing any wounds that may be hindering you. I will suggest one or two mindfulness techniques for you to use throughout the week.

Session two – Healing: This session will usually consist of either a personalised guided meditation (which I would write specifically for you before the session), or a distant Reiki treatment, both of which will be conducted live with you via our Skype session, and will last 30 minutes. Before and after the meditation or treatment we will have time to discuss how you got along with your mindfulness practices and whether you should continue with them, add new techniques, or adopt different ones altogether. I will also recommend a self-care activity, and one spiritual activity which you can start to incorporate into your daily routine.

Session three – Your practice: In this session we will discuss and list some of the spiritual practices you would like to include in your daily and/or weekly/monthly routine(s). If you are looking for help setting up your first altar, I will give you some suggestions on how you can come up with some useful and meaningful items to place on it, slowly building it up bit by bit in your own time, and what activities you might do at your altar. By the end of the session we will have a plan which you are happy with and that you will try your best to stick to throughout the week.

Session four – Review: In session four we will review how you got along with your new spiritual practice, iron out the kinks by removing anything you did not resonate with, and adding anything you feel you were missing. You will have the chance to tell me about any profound experiences you may have had that you would like to share. At this point I will also be able to suggest any crystals, oils, herbs or symbols which I feel may benefit you, and ideas of how you could use these in your practice.

Session five – Conclusion: In this closing session we will once again review how you got along with your spiritual practice, communion with deity, setting up your altar or whatever it was you needed guidance with, and we will discuss your thoughts and feelings regarding the present moment, and any difficulties you may have had during the course of the past few weeks. We can take this opportunity to once again make alterations, and you can ask me any questions you feel you I would be able to assist you with. I will close the session by giving you one of my spiritual self-care rituals for you to take away and do in your own time should you wish to.

At the end of the course, you may feel that you are happy with the progress you have made and are able to continue to work at your spiritual practice on your own. However, if you feel you would still like me to walk with you for a few more miles, you can purchase individual sessions with me at a reduced price. The link for this option will be emailed to you after session five.