Distant Reiki Treatment

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Distant Reiki Treatment

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Distant Reiki Treatment
Distant Reiki Treatment

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Distant Reiki Treatment

30 minute distant Reiki healing session
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Distant Reiki treatments with me can be conducted online via a Skype call (for your peace of mind – so you can see me), or completely offline at a time and date previously agreed on. 

Reiki is a non invasive form on energy healing and can be used by anyone regardless of age or medical condition. Reiki is simply universal healing energy, of which I am the conduit that allows this healing energy to flow through. You can find out more about Reiki here, and I also ask that you read my Ethics & Policies before booking a treatment with me.

Once you have placed your order, I will email you to ask what dates/times you would prefer to receive your treatment. Please keep in mind I am located in the UK.

As with any form of treatment, be it anti-biotics, steroids, anti-wrinkle cream or laser hair removal, a course of multiple sessions is recommended for the best results. You can book a course of 3 or 12 sessions below:

Course of 3 Distant Reiki Healing Sessions
Course of 12 Distant Reiki Healing Sessions

I am a Reiki Master and certified ReikiScience™ Practitioner.

30 minute distant Reiki healing session

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