My Witchy Icons have proven very popular over the past few months that I knew I had to make some sort of variation on them. These smaller black and white witchy icons are the perfect size for smaller planners and will match any colour scheme. They are available exclusively on (not on Etsy).


I also updated the colours of the Kawaii Cauldrons to match the other 8 signature colours in my collection. There are also a set of greyscale cauldrons too.


These Moon in Signs stickers are perfect for those who like to track the movements of the moon through the zodiac. I’ve made them in two styles; tabs and circles, to suit your preference and they are coloured to match their elements to give you a feel for the moon’s energy at a glance.


Lastly a brand new addition to the family, the Celebration Kit! These fun stickers which still coordinate with my signature colours feature 3 styles of stickers in 4 colours for 4 occasions. I love these and think they would look great in any planner.

CelebrationKit3 CelebrationKit2 CelebrationKit